Recently, the stories of the various challenges currently facing many anchor cultural institutions throughout the United States and Europe – the Detroit Institute of Art, Newark Museum and English Midlands have led me to think differently about the expectation of who is responsible for presenting culture. Many cities, like Detroit and Newark, have museums designed to serve the public at large and make cultural experiences accessible to everyone – the Newark Museum gives FREE admission to all Newark residents. But what is our responsibility to ourselves as citizens, tourists, employees? How do we create experiences for ourselves and for others outside the context of these anchor institutions – especially as they become more fragile?

Last week, I decided to forgo a post to promote the launch of Raider of the Lost Art on Instagram. As some of you may have noticed I have been posting great cultural excursions, but also hinting at a soon to come feature in my blog. For the month of September I am going to highlight the fantastic parks of greater Newark.

There is a rich history in the City of Newark, America’s third oldest city. I hope to share some of the interesting stories and musings from each of my favorite local parks. I will be PARKed somewhere new each week. Along the way, I hope to create great cultural experiences for myself, but more importantly and more meaningfully, I hope to share stories important to the history of my friends, colleagues, visitors and this really beautiful city. Perhaps we can begin a revolution in local cultural history?